NEET Medical Books

NEET Medical Books


NEET Medical Books

Here are some of the best NEET medical books for NEET 2019, the most competitive medical entrance exam in India. These cover the content systematically and provide plenty of practice questions at all levels.

1. NEET Medical Books : Fundamentals of Biology, Class 11th & 12th

Covering the NCERT content thoroughly is extremely important for the NEET exam. The Fundamentals of Biology books cover each aspect of the NCERT books, while explaining the concepts with ease using coloured illustrations. The theory is written in an easy-to remember format with important points highlighted and plenty of examples throughout the text to clear concepts.

2. NEET Medical Books : J.D LEE Concise Inorganic Chemistry

JD Lee’s Inorganic Chemistry is widely known as the best book for Inorganic Chemistry. This version is adapted to cover the NEET Inorganic chemistry syllabus and contains objective practice questions for the NEET exam. This is must have resource among NEET medical books.

3. NEET Medical Books : Objective Biology

This book is a comprehensive question bank for the Biology section in NEET. The chapters begin with a short summary of the theory and are followed by numerous objective arranged topic-wise. Even OMR sheets are provided at the end of the book to simulate the test-taking experience. For a number of questions, hints and explanations are also provided. Previous years’ papers as well as 8 mock tests with answer key are included at the end to make sure you’re well-prepared on exam day.

4. NEET Medical Books : Plancess Study Material (includes Physics, Chemistry and Biology)

The Plancess material has been designed by the Plancess team who are leaders in test prep. The study material is comprehensive and there is an option to take online assessments and video lectures developed by Plancess Institute. This study material has thousands of solved examples and practice questions that cover every topic in the syllabus in depth.

5. NEET Medical Books : Wiley’s 20 Years’ NEET Chapter-Wise Solved Papers (1998 – 2017)

This NEET medical book is the only book offering chapter-wise questions and their solutions of the NEET/ AIPMT exams from past 20 years. Each chapter begins with a graphical representation of the number of questions of that topic that occurred in previous years’ papers, thus helping a student gauge the relative importance of that topic.

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6. NEET Medical Books : Wiley’s Physical Chemistry for NEET

In an analysis of the past 8 years’ NEET/AIPMT papers it has been seen that greater number of questions come from the Physical Chemistry topics as compared to Inorganic and Organic Chemistry topics. This book is written in the manner a teacher would explain the topic to students. Questions based on practical concepts such as Volumetric analysis have also been explored and explained well. There are plenty of solved examples and sufficient practice problems to master the range of Physical Chemistry topics.

7. NEET Medical Books : Solomon, Fryhle, Snyder Organic Chemistry for NEET

For developing Organic chemistry concepts, there is no better book than Solomon, Fryhle and Snyder’s Organic Chemistry. This book is an adaptation of the original book in accordance with NEET organic chemistry syllabus. After reading through the chapters, one can practice the numerous problems provided for revision and developing a strong hold on the topics.

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