PMT Study Material

PMT Study material


PMT Study Material

Clearing any competitive exam takes 90% hardwork and 10% luck. However, without the right PMT study material you may feel lost and directionless in your preparation, which will affect your efficiency and output. For cracking the NEET exam (earlier known as AIPMT), you need the best books for the subjects – Physics, Chemistry and Biology, to ensure concepts are clear, and plenty of relevant questions in an exhaustive question bank.

PMT Study Material in NCERT books

For covering class 11th & 12th Biology, the topics covered in the NCERT books are extremely important for medical entrance preparation. PMT Study Material in NCERT books are covered as follows: The Fundamentals of Biology Books cover all these topics with colourful illustrations and examples, along with end-of-chapter practice questions also. This is the first resource you should use for studying Biology for NEET & other Medical Entrances. It you’re looking for separate resources for Botany and Zoology, you can refer to Zoology for NEET and Botany for NEET by Plancess. Objective Biology for NEET is a comprehensive NEET question bank for Biology. It contains questions on all important Biology concepts tested in the NEET exam in a topic-wise format. The previous years NEET papers (2008-2017) have been solved and included in the book. There are also seven mock tests with OMR sheets to simulate the exam experience.

PMT Study Material in Physics & Chemistry

In Physics, some of the important topics are Units & Dimensions, Heat and Thermodynamics, Laws of Motion, Gravitation, Wave Optics and Work-Energy-Power. The Plancess AIPMT Physics set covers all these and other Physics topics thoroughly, with a perspective of cracking the NEET exam. Besides using the right PMT study material, it is necessary to try plenty of medical entrance practice questions. For physics you can refer to the book Objective Physics for NEET 2019.

The Best Chemistry Book for NEET 2019 is JD Lee’s Concise Inorganic Chemistry for NEET. For Organic Chemistry, Solomon, Fryhle and Snyder Organic Chemistry for NEET 2019 is a must-have book. It is an adapted version of the organic chemistry bestseller Solomon, Fryhle and Snyder’s Organic chemistry, tailored to the needs of NEET students. For studying chemistry concepts, you can also refer to the Plancess AIPMT Chemistry for Class 11 & 12.

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